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Digital Aechive
1.Digital Aechive for Traditional Temple Painting of Han-Ching Lee, view (2008 )
2.Digital Archive of Tuku Township Taiwan, view (2008.6.24)
3 S-Zh Huang's Chinese Puppet, view (2008.01.20)
S-Zh Huang's Chinese Puppet,
view (2008.01.20)
4. 台灣藝術集點樂, view (2007.12.16)

Website Design
1. Anking Elementary School Website Design, view (2008.10.19)
  Original Design:
2. okjaws new Web Design, view
  the proposed templates for okjaws Web Design, view (2008.01.20)
  okjaws old Web Design, view (2008.01.20)
3. College of Applied Arts and Sciences at National Formosa University, view (2007.02)
4. infini Web Design, view (2006)
5. Lamb Art,design (2006)
6.The Web Design for Multimedia Design Department of National Formosa University, view (2006)
Student Works
Interactive Arts
1. Student Project:
    The Exit of the Clock:Interactive Installation Game System for Kids , view (2008.4.18)

Student Works
Digital Contents
1. Folk Arts, 2007 Fall Semester
    view (2008.1)